What is written in Exodus 22:18?

“The Bible is very clear on this,” said the priest as he paced back and forth in front of the seated man, who was wearing the robes of an archbishop, with a long snow-white cloak over his shoulders, indicating an unusually elevated rank for someone of his years. The archbishop sighed as the priest went on. “Is it not written that ‘you shall not suffer a witch to live’?”

“No,” said the archbishop calmly. “It is not. That pedant James mistranslated on purpose, as you are no doubt aware.”

“True,” said the priest, blushing slightly, "but the intent – "

“The intent was to prevent the improper use of powers given by God and his angels to mankind. ‘You shall not suffer practitioners of baneful magic to live among you,’ is a much more accurate translation, both in word and in intent,” said the archbishop somewhat sharply. “And this town meets the letter and the spirit of that law. These people practice their arts for the good of the Church and of mankind, and keep themselves separate from the sheep that we must protect. If they cause harm, they do it to themselves and not our flock. If they do good, they share their findings with the Church. They pay their tithes in full and on time, and if they endanger their souls, at least they should have the comfort of knowing that the Church is ready to save them before it is too late.”

Rebuked, the priest dropped his head and did not answer. “My apologies, Your Excellency,” he said finally. “I just fear that I will not be able to hide my feelings from the flock. Wouldn’t it be better to place someone else in this position?”

The archbishop raised an eyebrow. “Why? They loved it.” He picked up an envelope from the nearby table. “Listen to this,” he chuckled, “‘I could practically feel the fire and brimstone under my feet as he denounced the Dark Arts!’ Who wrote that?” He turned the letter over. “Oh, her, of course,” said the archbishop scornfully. He selected another letter, and the priest noticed that there was yet another check inside.

“Forgive my curiosity, but how much did we collect?” The priest blushed slightly. “I’m not used to asking so straightforwardly, but it certainly seemed like this congregation was – unusually generous.”

The archbishop smiled, remembering his own first days in this strange town. “Just under three hundred thousand dollars,” he said casually. “I think your fervor caught them off guard. I’m sure you’ll get more next Sunday.”

“Three hundred – " He stared at the archbishop, and started to understand why the Church had been so eager to fill the vacancy in this peculiar diocese.

Short scroll

This game will be more of a storytelling exercise in role-playing, played by post and writing. The rules will be simple and the only die required will be a d6. I assure you, I have no ulterior motive in doing this, and I certainly didn’t decide to do it just so that I could constantly tell you to …. You know what? Never mind, let’s just move on.

It is highly recommended that you catch up with the current adventures using the Adventure Log.

Information on NPC character sheets is public information (probably through the school intranet) however PC information is not public until it has been mentioned in-game. NPC character sheets will be updated periodically to reflect newly discovered information. PCs are responsible for updating their own character sheets.

Information in cutscenes is not public information until it is directly mentioned to at least one PC in-game.

Rating x X is for extras. X is for extraordinary. X is for xylophone (X is always for xylophone). This game is rated X.

This game is a modern horror fantasy/paranormal adventure. Translation: I’m rooting for the bad guys. Be prepared, and don’t expect to win just because you made a character. You have to fight for it. The world revolves around you, yes – the same way an Aztec religious ceremony would.

This may come as a shock, but this game is also going to end up rated X. As usual, it is a story with blasphemy, violence, foul language, and adult situations involving one or more adult topics such as sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, rape, and/or things ending in -cide. In addition, this story, at some point or another, will probably contain one or more of the following: implied illegal or unethical sexual activity, implied non-consensual sexual activity, graphically described drug use, sex with things that aren’t human and/or alive, and graphically described violence generally leading to death. All scenes will come with warning labels. No player characters will be harmed without the player’s permission. If you feel that you cannot co-exist in such a world, please say so now so that you can be safely removed from the more dangerous (and interesting) parts of the campaign.

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