A Perfect World

Laurie fell to his knees, shaken at how narrowly he had escaped the worst possible fate. He looked up at Flink, who was practically glowing with goodness, and instead of feeling resentful or bitter, he felt like he was going to drown in gratitude. “Thank you,” he said. He was shocked at how quiet his voice was. “Thank you,” he said again, more loudly this time. “You saved me. You saved – everyone. Thank you!”
Flink turned to him with a happy smile. “You’re welcome, Laurie. I’m glad it worked, and I’m glad that you didn’t end up as something completely horrible.”

And so, thanks to the love, patience, and understanding of one girl, the greatest crisis was averted. The dark spirit was not only put back under the school’s protection, but subdued to a point where it would not be a threat for generations to come. With the evil’s influence removed, even her old teacher, Morgen, was able to recover enough of his innate goodness to help restore Derek and Keyon. Keyon, similarly freed from the evil, was at first too embarrassed to remain at Spenser and retreated to his grandfather’s estate in South Africa. After a few years of traveling the world, he finally returned and completed his course of study without incident, after which he returned to his grandfather’s home – but he took a few friends with him, so it was no longer a self-imposed exile.

After graduating Spenser, Laurie and Penny borrowed Taylor’s yacht and went on a cruise. They somehow ended up in Tibet, where Laurie took up the monastic life and Penny spent her days translating ancient Sanskrit manuscripts. Together, they added a layer of beauty and peace to the world.

Anushka and Jaime got married shortly after Anushka completed her studies, and moved to northern California to take over the Santiago vineyard. They took regular day trips to Seattle to see Carly and the twins, who also took long trips to Napa Valley to see Annie and make sure the business was doing well.

The circus got their train back, and went back to touring and performing, scaring the living daylights out of children while at the same time, giving wayward children a safe place to hide.
Taylor did slightly less jet-setting than he used to, but overall, managed to maintain a decent balance between his various soul mates and other responsibilities.

Healed and restored, Val moved back to southern France with his soul mates and spent the rest of his life surrounded by books, love, and comfort. The Archbishop continued his work, as did Father Nordau, with periodic distractions by Val.

Horrified at how close he had come to losing Amber, Ryan resolved to be a better man for her, and spent the rest of his life living up to her ideals as best he could. For her part, Amber decided to be a little more assertive, although she still adored Ryan. Oddly, their disagreements did more to bring them together, and they ended up living quite happily ever after. The other members of Over Jordan gave up the band and their dabbling with heresy, and settled down to be productive members of society.

Similarly, a very chastised Don gave up his dark thoughts and after graduating, moved to Florida where he became an accountant for Disney.

Shane Harper gave up his dreams of revenge after Flink saved him, and ended up as quite a decent human being. He apologized to Cassie, who licked him.

Derek walked back to school after a long trip through the shadowlands that he didn’t remember, which was almost exactly like every other time he had disappeared. After graduating, he settled down on the reservation and spent a lot of time talking to the spirits of the dead, and playing with his wives and children. Reesie, on the other hand, spent most of her time talking to her husband and children, even when he was distracted by spirits. The rest of her time was spent on mapping genomes and bloodlines. Cara split her time between raising children and law enforcement, and making everyone go on vacation to see Annie. She totally lost the habit of worrying about Laurie, although they still exchange Christmas cards.

Eli went into the army, as expected, and Jonas married Myra before they both joined his father’s firm.

Flink reluctantly accepted a place on the Council, and despite her youth, is universally regarded as the wisest of the Elders. She bought a house with Roxy and Jeroen in downtown Spenser, which all of her loves now call home. It is down the street from Dominic’s photography gallery, and within walking distance of the Gates house, the music studio, and Legacy’s office. When she is not dispensing loving guidance throughout the world, she can be found there with her children and her loves and their loves, in fact, her entire extended family, including a large number of books both frivolous and esoteric.

Needless to say, everyone lived happily ever after.

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A Perfect World

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