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Located in the lush farmlands of upstate New York, Spenser Academy is a collegiate preparatory co-educational facility that has run continuously in various forms since the 1600’s. At first, Spenser was just a modest brick building where the youth of the colony were educated for their future positions in life, but over the years, the Academy has expanded to take in teenagers from all over the United States of America and mold them into successful leaders of the future, always using the time-tested teaching methods developed here at Spenser since the first days of the Academy.

As a new student, you may have some questions about life at the academy. Many types of people come to Spenser, from all over the United States. The Academy accepts students from thirteen years of age and up, and has educational programs in place for students through the beginning of their college years. Special programs can accommodate students who have transferred and require additional schooling, but in general, Spenser sends students on to higher educational facilities by the age of twenty-one. Beginning students are generally between thirteen and seventeen.

The town of Spenser is wealthy and secluded, and encompasses the outlying suburbs of Harnholm and Richfield. The area is dotted with grand manors and well-appointed townhomes, and during the winter season, tourists come from miles around to see the lovely and extravagant seasonal decorations. There are numerous attractions in the town, including fine dining, nightclubs, and one of the most luxurious hotels in the state.

The Spenser campus has a history of oddly harmless catastrophes. The campus and town of Spenser were burned to the ground twice (in 1711 and 1891) but completely rebuilt both times. The dining hall (at the time, a much smaller structure) was destroyed by lightning in 1831. The campus was also hit by a tornado in 1951, requiring that the administration building and lecture halls be rebuilt. No students were ever killed in any of the oft-repeated catastrophes, and the damaged buildings were always quickly replaced, thanks to the generous Spenser alumni, and in keeping with the Spenser tradition, buildings are always replaced exactly where they stood originally, keeping the beautiful and tasteful arrangement of the Spenser campus intact. While Spenser has grown larger, our core values have always remained the same.

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